Kicking Cancer Foundation Board 2019


History of The Kicking Cancer Foundation

After years of hearing about family and friends being diagnosed with cancer Jen Scullin felt compelled to do something. Jen knew she wanted to raise money for cancer research, but in order to get more people involved she had to find a creative way to do it. In March of 2009 Jen recruited a group of friends to help plan and organize a kickball tournament in hopes of accomplishing this mission.  The goals for the first event were simple: to raise money for cancer research, bring people together, and have fun! After months of planning the first kickball tournament, Philly Kicking Cancer (PKC) was held on August 8, 2009 at Franklin D. Roosevelt Park in South Philadelphia.  More than 200 people participated and over $10,000 was raised.  In 2009 all the proceeds were donated to the American Cancer Society in Philadelphia. After the success of the first PKC event, the planning committee quickly got to work on the 2010 tournament.  Events in 2010 rose over $30,000 for cancer research and all proceeds were donated to the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia. 

2024 is our 15th year of operation (14th year doing a kickball tournament with a year off for the COVID pandemic). We have raised approx $500,000 (and climbing!) for cancer research since our inception in 2009.

To all who have been involved in some way in our events or our foundation since 2009 we say THANK YOU as none of what we do would be possible without your support.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Kicking Cancer Foundation is to raise money for cancer research, bring hope to those fighting cancer, offer support to those who have family or friends suffering from the disease and lastly share our compassion with those who have lost loved ones.

Kicking Cancer Foundation Board

  • Greg 'Spoonie' Rand - Chairman of The Board
  • David Rock - President
  • Kelly Benesh - Vice President
  • Greg Stoffa - Treasurer
  • Eric Kukieza - Secretary
  • Steve Chaya
  • Gary Klemowicz
  • Elizabeth Radosti-Chapman
  • Selena McKenzie