Philly Kicking Cancer FAQ

  1. Where is the tournament? - Dairy Fields in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia
  2. Where do I park? - Parking is availlable around the field
  3. What time do I need to be there? If you are a CAPTAIN (or designee), you need to be there to register your team at 9 AM. Only one person is needed to register the teams. Players who are not checking in the team need to be at the field by 9:30 AM
  4. What do i need to wear?
    1. Every player on a team must be wearing the same color
    2. Cleats can be worn, but no metal spikes
  5. How do I get food?
    1. No food is provided - everything your team needs to eat and cook need to be brought by the team. 
    2. Grills and tailgate items are all BYO.
    3. Bring plenty of water/gatorade and ice. Bring more than you think you need. It can be hot our there.
  6. What else should i bring?
    1. Lawn chairs/blankets
    2. Coolers
    3. Lawn games - You will have down time between your kickball games, so we encourage all teams to bring lawn games for entertainment.  In the past teams have brought bag-o, washers, footballs, frisbees, soccer balls, cards, catchphrase… we’ve even had teams set-up friendly competitions with other teams in between games!
    4. Trash Bags - you are responsible for your own trash. Please understand this - we have to pay a large security deposit on the rental of these fields. If we for some reason don't get that deposit back, it is less money we are able to donate to cancer research. Please be respectful of the volunteers time and the fields and take care of your own waste.
  7. How many games do we play?
    1. Each team is guaranteed 3 divisional games. Note for some circumstances some teams may have more than three divisional games. Teams that qualify for the play offs then move into a single elimination playoff bracket
    2. Each game will be 7 innings or 35 minutes.
    3. The ump will make the call when time is running out. Every attempt will be made to complete the active inning.
    4. Note: Due to differing circumstances in each and every game, some games will finish short of 25 minutes, while others might run over the 25 minute mark. Please respect your ump’s call in this matter. He/she must keep all games on time in fairness to teams waiting to play and due to facility permit restrictions.
  8. Umpires - Umpires have full authority on calling the games. Captains may respectfully debate calls with the umps. Non captains can not debate calls. Umps must be treated with respect. This is a friendly tournament.
  9. Can I make a donation the day of the tournament? Sure can - we will have a 50/50 going day of the tournament and it will be possible to make donations at the registration table including a reader for credit card donations.


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